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LED Sealed Beam Headlight

LED Car Lights / Auto LED Light / Vehicle LED Light / Automotive Lighting Product / Automotive LED light

Based on the dimensions of original auto lamp assembly and installation design, there have LED headlight, LED fog light and LED tail light.

Currently the automotive LED lights we have launched are 4” fog light, 5” and 7” round LED sealed beam headlight, and 4x6” and 5x7” rectangle LED headlights.

The light patterns of all above headlights are much better, and more energy efficiency than original halogen design. They’re widely used on vehicles and motorcycles, which with standard size of round or rectangle sealed beam headlamp.

Automotive LED products are mainly comprised of LED headlights, LED tail lights, and LED fog lights. Different types are designed for different conditions. Now you can find the LED lights are widely used in the lighting systems of various kinds of vehicles.

TUFFPLUS has been dedicated in providing best in-class vehicle lighting solutions for drivers. Welcome to TUFFPLUS and you will find the exact type of LED sealed beam headlight you want.

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