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LED Sealed Beam Headlight

Based on the dimensions of original auto lamp assembly and installation design, there have LED headlight, LED fog light and LED tail light.

Currently the automotive LED lights we have launched are 4” fog light, 5” and 7” round LED sealed beam headlight, and 4x6” and 5x7” rectangle LED headlights.

LED Driving Light

When it comes to off road driving and long-distance driving, there are numerous of dangerous factors that the drivers must consider, such as completely dark roads, desert, jungle,dense fog and mountainside cliff. So the performance of car light is vital in ensuring drivers' safety.

LED Headlight Bulb (Upgrade Kit)

LED headlight is designed on the basis of LED technique to largely improve the service life and working efficiency of car headlight. TrueBeam V3 LED bulbs is one of the flag products of Tuffplus. It converts the original dark yellow light to the daytime white light, and provides 150% of more brightness in comparison with the tradition ones for your night driving.

LED Light Bar

With a large output power, LED light bar is a kind of automotive lighting device suitable for long-distance driving. It is widely applied in the lighting systems of pickup trucks, SUV (sports utility vehicle), large trucks, van, ships, etc.

LED Warning Light

LED warning light refers to the LED light for instructing people with the information conveyed by different colors. Use it in the work to remind the danger of the existence of local,Use it in the road, you can remind the people around to pay attention to the danger of vehicle,Keep a safe distance.

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