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Slim-grower LED Grow Light

Slim-grower LED grow light enjoys a specially designed ultra-thin housing, which could be used for a relatively long service time with zero need for maintenance. Meanwhile, its LEDs are also stably installed on the grow light.
Due to its difficulty on assembly and maintenance, traditional LED lights is not suitable for cultivating system, while slim-grower is a perfect choice of grow light. Our slim-grower produces a special visible light, allowing the photosynthesis of plants, so it could be fully used in different plant development stages, from seedling to harvesting.
Not only does the grow plant enjoy a high quality, it also possesses a competitive price.

Slim-Grower will be the best solution for:
- Humid indoor environment
- Watering and misting for indoor environment
- Cultivating system where natural lighting is not available

Other exemplary areas:
- Indoor cultivation
- Restaurants
- Hotels
- Vertical farming
- Inter-row commercial cultivation
- Plant walls
- Floristic shop windows
- Modern kitchens
- Zoos
- Aquaria

Name Length Power Voltage PAR(25cm) LED type Spectrum
Flowering 60 cm 20W DC-24V 200μmol/m 2/s Custom made Universal
90 cm 30W
120 cm 40W
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