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Slim-Spec LED Grow Light

Slim-Spec LED grow light is a compact LED lamp, designed for various cultivation systems. The lamp is designed to provide light which is necessary for the photosynthesis of plants.
The LED grow light is allowed to be worked in various working environment, even for low-temperature one. Meanwhile, thanks to its varied dimensions, the light could also be installed in various places.

Parts of slim-spec LED grow light are made of aluminum, featuring fast thermal conductivity and fast heat dissipation, which can greatly guarantee the long service life of our light. All parts of the light have been surface treated for better corrosion resistance and more attractive appearance.

Application examples
– Vertical farming
– Light supplementation for greenhouses
– Green walls – made of flowers and plants
– Florist shops
– Modern kitchens
- Zoos
- Aquaria

Successful cases
- Seedlings
- Leafy vegetables
- Herbs
- Strawberries

Plants Length Power Voltage PAR(25cm) LED type Spectrum
Herbs 42cm 30W DC-24V 200μmol/m 2/s OSRAM Herbs
Flowering 60cm 35W 200μmol/m 2/s OSRAM Flowering plants
90cm 40W
120cm 50W
Strawberry 90cm 30W 200μmol/m 2/s OSRAM Strawberry, raspberry, wild strawberry
120cm 55W
Germination 60 cm 20W 150μmol/m 2/s Custom made Seedlings
90cm 30W
120cm 40W
Leafy vegetables 60cm 20W 150μmol/m 2/s Custom made Leafy vegetables
90cm 30W
120cm 40W
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