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Automotive LED Light A0102

5x7" Rectangle LED Sealed Beam Headlight / 5x7" rectangle LED headlight (A0102)

Type: 5" X 7" square LED head light:
Low beam: 36W, 3000lms
High beam: 46W, 3800lms
Voltage: 9-32V DC
LEDs: 8pcs*10W CREE XML-L2
Certifications: DOT
Lens: hard coated polycarbonate;
Material: die-casting aluminum alloy housing;
Highly shock-resistant and vibration-resistant.

Our LED light features an extremely long service life so you don’t need to replace the bulb any more once you have bought it.

Design drawing

Beam pattern of 5x7” led headlight

  • Low beam
  • High beam


Packaging boxes for LED lights

Paper boxes for LED lights


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