LED headlight bulb H13

Product Details

1. Same size bottom base according to the halogen bulb installation solution.

2. Superconducting aluminum PCB + high flux LED chips matrix design + perfect heat conduction.

3. Integrated adapter design in high strength and longer service life.

4. Air cavity heat dissipation designed on the base of aerodynamics.
Integrated design and using aerial aluminum alloys can dissipate the heat in high efficiency.

Product Display

  • Bottom
  • Oblique View
  • Positive
  • Side


UNIT: mm

Reference Description

Beam pattern
Good beam pattern ensures driving safety

Tips for safety

How can you have 2 seconds for reaction? If you drive a car in 100km speed, you need 1.7 second to react when you catch sight of danger and then make decision in your head. But in this 1.7 second, your car can move 47.2m. TrueBeam V4 light beam can extend 50m, which helps you get 2 more seconds to react on danger.

"TUFF PLUS" TrueBeam V4 Series Type Security Light

Brighter is not always better. Without correct beam pattern, LED can shine over the space, the unfocused light will be wasted, most light will be scattered and foggy, some of the areas will be in dark spots. TrueBeam V4 LED bulbs can mask out of opposite road users, so that you have 200% more brightness while driving with high beam without glaring to opposite road users.

Dangerous Type Light

Efficient Brightness
Most of LED kits declare the brightness can reach up to 3000lm. But without correct optical design, most of light will be scattered and make the opposite road user glared.

1. Low beam; 2. High beam

Halogen (left) compared to LED lamp (right)


6000K is the color temperature of mid-day sun light of summer that gives comfort light output and good penetrability in foggy and raining days.

Light Beam Test in Optical Laboratory : Low Beam (Down Beam)
Light Beam Test in Optical Laboratory: High Beam (Upper Beam)

Road Test

Focus designed according to the ECE standard, but TrueBeam V4 has longer "lighting line" both on low beam and high beam. This makes a wider beam up to 30m on low beam, with better lighting at the edge of the road, and also makes the high beam thicker for longer distance lighting.


Junction Temperature VS. Time

Housing temperature: When TrueBeam V4 LED bulbs work at 16W, the temperature of housing will come to stable at 58°C after 15-20 minutes
Junction temperature: When TrueBeam V4 LED bulbs work at 16W, the junction temperature will come to stable at 120°C after 12-18 minutes
Ambient Temperature: 25°C

Packing Design

Packing Info
SIZE: 5cm(H)×20cm(L)×12.9cm(W)

Convenient installation

  • Integrated fixed focal plate

Integrated Fixed Focal Plate
The majority of this series of products use the integrated fixed focal plate design, reduce the connection pieces, and make the installation way closer to the halogen lamp.

(1)Compact size driver can be easily located inside lamp housing
(2)The ultimate driver heat protection (DHP) technology ensures that the driver works with low temperature in high efficiency ( up to 92%).

A: Installation of heat sink outside the housing
  • Take out the original light bulb, and replace the LED light bulb
  • Please connect to the original plug, and set the driver by zip tie and adhisive
B:Installation of heat sink inside the housing
  • Open the headlight cover and take out the original light bulb, replace it with the LED bulb
  • Connect to the original plug, use the double side adhesive to set the driver, and put the dust cover back

1. The above installation steps are suitable for installing distance light double lamp series.
2. Before installation, please stop the car, and wait until car engine is cooled.
3. Refer to the manual, and check whether the original car circuit conforms to the installation requirements.

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