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LED Headlight Bulb (Upgrade Kit)

LED headlight is designed on the basis of LED technique to largely improve the service life and working efficiency of car headlight. TrueBeam V3 LED bulbs is one of the flag products of Tuffplus. It converts the original dark yellow light to the daytime white light, and provides 150% of more brightness in comparison with the tradition ones for your night driving.

TUFFPLUS headlight provides a better lighting effect with the luminance over 1400lms. The perfect beam pattern design allows drivers to enjoy the night driving without worrying about blinding other drivers. TrueBeam V3 made by TUFFPLUS has received over 30 patents.

The other name for this catagory of products "led head light kits, led conversion kits, led headlamp kits, led headlight bulb, Automotive LED Light, Auto Lighting Device, LED Conversion Kit".

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